Skip to content helps to set up a canon printer. It’s the online support platform to download and install canon printer drivers, firmware, and software. To get started with, you can select wireless, wired, or USB connection methods. Canon printer app is available for cableless ij start canon setup for smartphones. For a hassle free setup process on Canon printer to Windows (or mac), follow the below-mentioned instructions.

Canon Printer Model Number- Where to Find it?

Canon printer model number can be found on a sticker on the back of your printer. Also, you can find it inside the printer. For example, you can find the printer model number of your Canon Pixma printer on its backside. The structure of your Canon printer model number varies depending on its model type. In general, Canon Pixma has model numbers with nine characters. If your purchased product provides only printing functionality, then it will be ten digits long. If it provides scanning, faxing, printing, and copying, the printer model number will be eight digits long.

Download Canon Printer Driver via

The user can easily download the Canon printer driver from the official website, i.e., “” Therefore, to make it simple for all users, we have provided a detailed guide through which the user can easily download the Canon printer driver immediately and straightforwardly.


  • The users must open the internet browser.
  • Then in the address bar, search for “”.
  • After that, the official page will get open on the system’s screen.
  • Then tap on the “Setup” icon.
  • After this, the users need to enter the printer model.
  • Then tap on the “Go” button.
  • After that, click on the “Start” icon.
  • After that, the users should follow the on-screen prompts to prepare the printer.
  • Then the download link will appear on the screen.
  • Now tap on the download button.
  • After this, the “.exe” file will start downloading.
  • Now once the file gets downloaded, then open the downloaded file.
  • After this, the “User Account Control” pop-up will open on the screen.
  • From there, click on the “Yes” button.
  • After that, the “start setup” window will appear on the screen.

With the help of these steps presented above, it would become easy for all users to download the Canon printer drivers. Thus, when the driver gets downloaded, then proceed with the setup process described below.


  • Firstly, open any web browsers such as Safari, Firefox, or any other on the Mac system.
  • After this, type “” in the browser’s address bar.
  • Then the official page will appear on the screen.
  • After that, the users need to click on the “Setup” option.
  • Now in the search field, enter the printer’s model.
  • After that, click on the “Go” button.
  • After this, click on the “Start” icon.
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions for preparing the printer.
  • Then on the screen, the “download” link will appear.
  • So, click on the download button.
  • After this, the “dmg” file will start downloading.
  • Now, wait for the file to download completely.
  • Then open the downloaded file.
  • After that, the “User Account Control” pop-up will appear on the screen.
  • Then hit on the “Yes” icon.
  • Now the “Start Setup” window will appear on the screen.
  • Thus with the help of the steps mentioned above, the user can quickly download the drivers on their mac system via “” Therefore, after completing the downloading procedure, move ahead with the installation procedure of canon printer drivers.

    Easy Steps for Installating Drivers via

    After downloading the driver via, take a look at the following installation detailed procedure:

    1. The file must be shown in the Downloads folder if you haven’t saved it in any different folder. Hence, recognize the file and double-click on it. If you notice the User Account Control pop-up box, the program asks for your consent to do some relevant changes on your computer. Hence, click “Yes”.
    2. You will get to the main window. Find the language tab on the main interface and click on it. Review the selected language, click on the down-arrow key, and all the available languages in which the software can function will be shown on your screen. Choose the language you like and from the main program screen, click “Next”.
    3. For setting up the driver, it is necessary for the program to communicate with the printer. For building a connection, You can link the computer to the printer either automatically or manually. Manual connection requires you to attach a USB cable from your Canon printer to the computer.
    4. If the connection is successfully established, you will immediately see your printer name on the computer screen. Select it and the program will commence looking for the software that is best supported and matches your printer functions.
    5. All the MP Drivers, canon printer software manuals, and other program lists will promptly be viewed on your screen. You are requested to enable the checkboxes of the software that you would like to install. Hence, mark them accordingly and hit “Next”.
    6. The installation will start. It is to be noted that if you are performing the driver setup configuration on Mac, you may see the Mac credentials window at the time of installation. Here, you have to provide correct information about your Mac ID and Password. Hence, complete the requested fields and click “OK”.
    7. Wait for the driver installation processing to be fully completed. When done, the Installation Successful window will instantly come up on your screen.
    8. Click Finish and it is also recommended to restart your computer.

    Easy steps to wireless set up using

    • Press and hold the Direct button on the printer.
    • Make sure the network icon Network status icon flash.
    • Use setup file and click Start Setup.
    • Read the network security notice and click Next.
    • Read the license agreement. Select Yes to continue.
    • Select Agree to the information request.
    • Select Yes to confirm the connection method.
    • Depending on your network setup, after selecting the SSID, enter the password in the next screen.
    • Connection is completed, click Next.
    • If you wish to download and install any additional software, click Continue online.
    • For that, click on the Start driver option.
    • Then Printer will print a page.
    • After that, click Next then you will see the Setup complete page.
    • Click next, then installation of software for printer setup will begin.
    • That’s it you are ready to give a printout from the Printer using the windows device.

    Easy Step by Step Process to load Papers into the Canon Printer Input Tray after Driver Setup:

    1. Open a front cover of
    2. Side out the cassette unit you hear a click.
    3. Open a paper guides by sliding the right paper guide to the edge .
    4. Now lets load the paper.
    5. Load A4 or letter size paper with the printing side facing down .
    6. Take care not to load the paper past the limit mark on the paper guide.
    7. Align the paper guides with the edges of the paper.
    8. Don’t slide the paper guide in too much or the paper may misfeed
    9. Take this steps if you are loading smaller size papers
    10. Insert the paper with the printing size facing down, until its touches the far end .
    11. Don’t load the paper in landscape orientation or the paper might jam .
    12. Make sure the load paper doesn’t exceed the limit mark on the paper guide.
    13. Align the paper guides with the edges of the paper
    14. Don’t slide the paper guide in too much or the paper may misfeed.
    15. Slide the cassette unit you hear a click .
    16. Paper information register screen appears (register the cassette paper OK next ).
    17. Use the right or left arrow to match the paper size and type pressing OK after each selection .
    18. Slide out the paper output support .
    19. Then open the output tray extension .
    20. The paper loading is now complete .